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Welcome to North Sound Youth Lacrosse
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Returning and prospective players are assigned to their community youth lacrosse program, based on the school district where they live.  Look at the list of programs on the right of the home page and click on that club for details about teams, practices, start dates, and fees.
If you are unsure which program is for you, look at the list of school districts and corresponding lacrosse programs under "Boundary Rules" above.
North Sound Youth Lacrosse includes nearly 53 teams from 13 programs from Edmonds to Whatcom County for players in grades K - 8. Games begin on the first Saturday in March for 34, 56, and 78 teams, and later for K2 teams.
Contact your local lacrosse program for details.
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How do lacrosse players ‘Honor the Game’?
- Seeing a player who goes out of his way to encourage and support his own teammates.
- Noticing a player who consistently gives his all, playing hard but fair.
- Recognizing verbally a good play, shot, or save by an opponent.
- Helping an opponent up off of the ground.
- Friendly banter between attackmen and defenders when the ball is on the other end of the field.
- Reminding an opponent about his mouth guard or a loose piece of equipment.
- Seeing an opponent who readily accepts a being called for penalty and makes a conscious effort 
to learn from his mistake.
- Players who apologize for a slash that was not called.
- Recognizing players who willingly switch teams to help out an opponent who is short of 
- Congratulating an opposing goal keeper for making a great save.